Minneapolis South Rotary Club

Tuesday Mornings 7:15 to 8:30 AM

Urban Ventures Center for Fathering • 3023 4th Ave. S • Minneapolis, MN 55407
Meeting location is mid-block and offset from the street by a courtyard • Free street parking

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Club/District Goals

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 Minneapolis South has set the following goals for July 2010 through June 2011

Strive to have 31 members by June 30, 2011

Introduce the STRIVE program into a South Minneapolis High School.

Seek opportunities to organize a new Rotary Club

Send two students to the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards training



District 5950 goals for 2010 - 2011 from District Governor Larry Zillox

Grow and sustain Membership

Continue to encourage clubs to identify potential members for their club.  I want clubs to concentrate on bringing 3-4 members in the 25-40 age range and establishing some basic requirements of the club involvement within the first six months.

We will explore opportunities to start new Rotaract Clubs with a goal of establishing two new ones during the coming year.  I also want to challenge current interact clubs to meet with their fellow students in neighboring schools and encourage and mentor them to start their own club.

The current economic conditions require us to be creative in finding ways to retain members if they face job loss or significant loss of income.  I encourage clubs to think outside the box to find ways to keep these members active in the club for its social networking advantages.

As I look around the district there seems to be several holes where we could establish a club.  A number of communities are large enough and would have young business leaders who would make great Rotarians.  Let's give them the opportunity.

Become aware of the Rotary Foundation Programs

Each club will be encouraged to participate in one of the Foundation programs.  Group Study Exchange will host delegates from Brazil and out going to France.  Youth Exchange will place over 50 students during coming year and send similar number to interesting countries.  We are searching for ambassadorial and peace scholars to study abroad and I will establish a Friendship Exchange program for Rotarians.

We will establish a goal to have 50% of our clubs participating in matching grants and district simplified grants during the coming year.  We will pair and mentor clubs that need help finding projects.

We will continue the program of "Every Rotarian Every Year" in giving to the Foundation.  I would like to encourage clubs to promote the concept of a cup of coffee for the Foundation each week.  This small weekly contribution will add up to over $100 by the end of the year and I am sure none of us will be thirsty as a result of the contribution.

Contributing to Polio Plus will also be stressed as we have eradicated 99.9% of the disease in the world.  My goal is to have us reach 50% of our challenge at the end of the year.  I encourage you to think of innovative ways that our club can reach out into the community to give them a chance to be part of this history making event.  Many families still remember the horror of a relative being affected by the polio.  Give them a chance to contribute.