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Tuesday Mornings 7:15 to 8:30 AM

Urban Ventures Center for Fathering • 3023 4th Ave. S • Minneapolis, MN 55407
Meeting location is mid-block and offset from the street by a courtyard • Free street parking

North Star Rotary Youth Exchange



“If all 17-year-olds had a chance to be a Rotary Youth Exchange Student, there would be no more war.”
-- Carl Wilhelm Stenhammar, president of Rotary International, 2005-06

The Minneapolis South Rotary Club participates in North Star Rotary Youth Exchange, the premier high school exchange organization in the world. The North Star region has hosted and sent students since 1968 and is a well-respected program world-wide.

The program offers a year-long high school exchange experience to students are between the ages of 15 and 19. Come discover the world with us by becoming or hosting an exchange student.

The application period for the 2016-17 school year is closed. Look back in Spring 2016 for details for the following application year.

Important information:
Student/Parent Info Meeting: October, 2016
Application Due Date: Mid-October, 2016
Club Interview Date: Late October, date TBD
District Interview Date: November, 2016

How To Be An Exchange Student

Expand your world with a year as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student. Here are the first steps to one of the best, most influential years of your life:

• Check out the official website at www.NorthStarYouthExchange.com and get excited about this program!

• Join the Minneapolis Rotary Youth Exhange Facebook page for program updates and information: https://www.facebook.com/groups/568329403277636/

Applications for the 2017-18 exchange year are due to the Minneapolis South Rotary Club by October , 2016. Follow this link to the application: 
http://northstaryouthexchange.com/prospective/apply/. Students should live in Minneapolis or go to a Minneapolis school (public or private).

• Candidates will be interviewed by the club in late October, 2016.

• Qualified candidates will go on to District Interviews 

• Accepted candidates are notified in early December

• Accepted candidates attend four mandatory orientations: three before departure; one upon return

How To Host An Exchange Student
Minneapolis South Rotary is excited to welcome fun, enthusiastic teenagers to our community and to our public schools. We have sent students to South, Washburn and Southwest.

Host families are a vital link to the program, and very much appreciated in the Minneapolis South Rotary Club.

Hosting is shared between three families for 3-4 months each, while going to the same school the entire year. It’s a short period of time, but can result in long-term friendships and an expanded meaning of “family.”

Host responsibilities include providing food, shelter, guidance and acceptance to a teenager. The Minneapolis South Rotary Club will pay for school lunches and provide a high level of local support to the student and host family.

The most important host family trait is a sincere desire to host. Single parents, young families, empty-nesters, families with teens, same-sex couples, retirees and childless families can all provide a GREAT host experience, and receive much in return. 

Minneapolis South will host a girl from SLOVAKIA in 2015-16. This student will arrive in August 2015, attend Washburn High and stay for the entire year. Hosting periods are approximately: Arrival-November; December-mid-March; mid-March-Departure.  We are still seeking a second host family. If you are interested in learning more about hosting this student, contact Lynn (information below).

For more information on Minneapolis South's program, being an exchange student or hosting an exchange student, contact Lynn Keillor at keill003@umn.edu or 612-287-0869.