Minneapolis South Rotary Club

Tuesday Mornings 7:15 to 8:30 AM

Urban Ventures Center for Fathering • 3023 4th Ave. S • Minneapolis, MN 55407
Meeting location is mid-block and offset from the street by a courtyard • Free street parking

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Welcome to the Minneapolis South Rotary Club. 
Our club's motto is Strength in Diversity -- and our membership embodies that motto. Rotary is not just for white, male Republicans. We are a diverse body of community-minded citizens from all walks of life: culturally, racially, age-wise, gender-wise and yes, even politically.
What, then, is Rotary? It's an international organization with multiple facets. We promote ethics in business. We serve our community through local and international projects. We believe in the power of learning. We network in our club and in the greater world of Rotary. We have fun. We share our gifts freely -- the international Rotary theme for 2015-16 is Be A Gift To The World.
As a membership-based organization of interested persons and local professionals we have a common bond of service and fellowship. Our club is just one small part of the almost 1.3 million members worldwide.

We of the Minneapolis South Rotary Club are particularly focusing on working with youth both locally and internationally. We host and sponsor high school exchange students through Rotary Youth Exchange, we provide area schools with supplies and make sure kids have hats and gloves. 
We also sponsor master-level students who are getting degrees in fields of study that will impact one of Rotary's six areas of focus: Promoting Peace, Fighting Disease, Providing Clean Water, Saving Mothers and Children, Supporting Education and Growing Local Economies. 

Think of we can accomplish when each of our almost 1.3 million members worked to serve others in education, water and sanitation, health, disease prevention and economic and community development.

Come for a visit, join for a cause and create a better world. We have a place for you.

Lynn Keillor
Minneapolis South Rotary Club