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Urban Ventures Center for Fathering • 3023 4th Ave. S • Minneapolis, MN 55407
Meeting location is mid-block and offset from the street by a courtyard • Free street parking

Ketaki Is Here

Minneapolis South welcomed one of its two Rotary Youth Exchange students on Saturday, August 11.
There was a crew at the airport to meet her, and a nice gathering at Minnehaha Park later in the afternoon.

Ketaki arrived in Minneapolis after spending a week with relatives in New Jersey. She will hit the ground swimming, as practices start on Monday at South High.

Thank you to the Stuenkel-Honl family, the Bryant family and the Rouleau-Von Sien family for hosting Ketaki thoughout her exchange year. 

Our Japanese student arrives on Saturday, Aug. 18.

Below: Ketaki and her host family Kristen, Kent and Gustav