Rotary Community visit:   La Michoacana Purepecha ice cream shop
Apr 20, 2021 3:30 PM
Ricardo Hernandez Espinoza
Rotary Community visit: La Michoacana Purepecha ice cream shop
 Ricardo Hernandez Ezpinoza, owner of La Michocana Purepecha ice cream shop, our partnered business on Lake Street through the Lake Street Business Council. will welcome and tour Rotary members.
If you can, please plan to meet at the front door of La Michocana Purepecha at 3:30pm on next Tuesday April 20th.  Address: 701 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55407.  It is right on the southeast  corner of E. Lake St. & Park Ave.  You can't miss it.                                         
Typically there are parking spots on Park Ave when coming from the south to north (one way street).
Ricardo has not sustained any physical shop damage recently.  His issues these days are fewer customers due to concerns of safety on Lake Street.
This is a chance to get to know a local small business better, hear Ricardo's story, offer our support/connections, see his operation and maybe see how he makes his product there to help better promote his business.  Ideally too we build a connection for future partnerships or service with Ricardo in the future.
Save a little appetite to buy some of his treats of ice cream or fruit popsicles.   They are amazing and he has an incredible selection of options!
I realize this time may not work for everyone.  I'm sorry for that.  I wanted to accommodate Ricardo's schedule the best I could.  He gets a lot busier after 4:30pm and is not available early in the day.