North Star Rotary Youth Exchange


Minneapolis South Exchange Student Hall of Fame

Inbound Students
Petra from Slovakia
        Attending Washburn High, 2015-16
        Hosted by the Laura Hinnendael and Mark Gormley family; the Mary Vrabel family.

Matias Codutti from Argentina
        Attended Southwest High, 2014-15
        Hosted by the Diane and David Langille family; the Joe and Cindy Christian family; and the John and Maria Rosengren family
Philipp Holz from Germany,
        Attending Washburn High, 2013-14
        Hosted by the Romana and Ryan Pulkrabek family; the Wes and Dawn Chapman family; and the Maria and Stephan Boda family.
Hiroko Akegami, Japan
        Attended Washburn High, 2012-13 
        Hosted by the Romana and Ryan Pulkrabek family; the Jim Nelson/Ellen Durkin family; and the Miriam and Doug Scholz-Carlson family
Ketaki "Kiya" Abhyankar, India
       Attended South High, 2012-13
       Hosted by the Kristen Stuenkel/Kent Honl family; the Camille Bryant family; and the Denise Rouleau/Peter von Sien family
Lisa Stephan, Germany
       Attended Southwest High, 2011-2012
       Hosted by the Peter and Heather Haakenson family and the Ben Olk/Kris Berggren family